March 2, 2024

KOKEBI Cosmetics – The minimalist facial care from Berlin

“Reducing facial care to the essentials, to what is really good” is what drives KOKEBI Cosmetics.

Only four products with few but high quality ingredients and the direct purchase of raw materials from African partners and projects give this new Clean Beauty cosmetic its glow.

“My star” for radiant skin

KOKEBI means “my star” in Ethiopia. And it is precisely this glow of Africa that KOKEBI Cosmetics wants to pass on with its extraordinary skin care ritual. makes the skin radiant by concentrating on the essentials of skin care.

The Berlin start-up deliberately offers a facial care range of only four products. Two for cleansing, two for care. Ready.

Creams, lotions, masks and peelings are not found in the minimalist ritual. Also water as an ingredient. True to the motto “Simply back to skin”, the skin is nourished with pure cold-pressed botanical essences and oils.

Due to the selection of special raw materials and the individual dosage of moisture and lipids, the concept works for all skin types. Completely independent of gender and age.

The “Oil & Bar Cleansing Method” from KOKEBI turns the usual cleansing procedures on their head.

Cleansing with oil? Goes the?

“Naturally”, knows founder Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart: “completely according to the principle oil binds oil” the Prime Polish -Step 1 Due to its composition, it reliably removes sebum and make-up from the skin. At the same time, the skin is protected and not dried out.

The wash Brush&Bar- Step 2 then cleanses all water-soluble dirt particles from the environment, as well as sweat from the skin. The fact that the wash is pH-neutral protects the skin’s microbiome.

KOKEBI also breaks new ground in the care that follows cleansing. “Less is more” is also the principle here.

Since KOKEBI does not offer ready-made emulsions or creams, moisture (Step 3) and lipids (Step 4) are mixed directly on the skin to form a flash emulsion.

The Skin Splasher – Step 3 is an oil-free serum and consists of pure botanical essences such as the leaf juice of Bulbine Frutescens and Aloe Vera. Both are cold pressed and come from certified organic farms in South Africa.

Like all the raw materials KOKEBI uses, they are anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing at the same time. That’s why it can be used for all skin types.

In the face care oil Lavish Liquid – Step 4 the vital substances of cold-pressed oils have an effect. For example Abessynica Noog oil, which has always been cultivated only in the high plains of Ethiopia at over 2300 m and is rich in vitamin C and proteins.

For our skin, its nourishing and smoothing properties make it so uniquely.

The two products Skin Splasher – Step 3 and Lavish Liquid – Step 4 are combined individually depending on the skin condition by putting a few drops of both steps into the palm of the hand and mixing them, thus forming a flash emulsion on the skin.

The care of an oily-dry skin would require correspondingly more of the Lavish Liquid and less from the Skin Splasher provide. For combination skin it is the other way round.

“Pure active ingredients, no heating during production and no chemical additives such as silicones, microplastics and PEGs.

This guarantees the skin the highest possible proportion of vital substances from the cold-pressed oils and botanical juices,” confirms Birgitta Bitschnau-Burkart. For maximum vitamins, lipids and moisture.

The Berlin start-up is also explicitly sustainable when it comes to packaging. The 4 care steps are filled in violet glass bottles, so that the products are safely protected from damaging UV radiation and remain fresh longer.

Whenever possible, refills are offered for additional purchase. Furthermore, organic foil is used instead of plastic. The facial care set is packed in a practical Organic Bag.

Facial care step-by-step

Step 1 – Prime Polish / Cleansing Oil

KOKEBI Facial Care - Step 1 - Prime Polish / Cleansing Oil

Facial cleansing with pure native oils and a hot compress “Gabi Glove. In the Prime Polish contains the power of Abessynica Noog oil and Moringa oil.

Both are rich in proteins and vitamins and have a soothing effect on the skin. The Prime Polish Has refatting properties and leaves the skin feeling relaxed. Here, especially make-up is removed from the skin completely surfactant-free.

Step 2 – Brush&Bar / Cleansing Bar

KOKEBI Facial Care - Brush&Bar

Due to the mild, ph-neutral cleanser Brush&Bar the water-soluble dirt particles from the environment as well as sweat are taken from the skin.

With the help of the KOKEBI face brush, the soap is conveniently applied and dead skin cells are removed.

Thereby supports Brush&Bar through the oils of macadamia, and argan nut and black cumin seeds, the skin to regulate its natural moisture and oil balance.

Brush&Bar smells delicately of rosemary and vanilla. Afterwards the skin is cleansed with the cleansing glove Gabi Glove. This clarifies the facial skin and cleans it down to the pores.

Step 3 – Skin Splasher / Hydrating Serum

KOKEBI Facial Care - Skin Splasher

Feel the Splash! Here comes the care. The serum is fragrance free. Aloe vera leaf juice moisturizes the skin from the outside and gives it a freshness boost.

The essence Bulbine Fructescense comes from wild collections in South Africa. The pressed juice from the fleshy leaves contains ingredients that have been known to the locals for centuries for their soothing and smoothing effect.

It is also said to stimulate the skin’s own moisture production.

Besides moisture, the skin also needs lipids. Therefore the Skin Splasher should always be used in combination with an oil. Only then it forms an easily absorbed emulsion on the skin.

Step 4 – Lavish Liquid / Facial Oil

KOKEBI Facial Care - Lavish Liquid

Fragrant oils from Moringa, Marula and the Abyssinica Noog Oil unite on the skin and protect it from environmental influences and free radicals.

The antioxidant astaxanthin is much more powerful than vitamin C and, together with vitamin E, protects against damaging influences. it can reduce the negative effects of excessive UV radiation and acts against inflammation.

Only the skin decides how much oil it needs. Since the skin also needs moisture in addition to oil, the Lavish Liquid always in combination with a moisture booster like the Skin Splasher to be used.