June 17, 2024

Uva Ursi – the solution against pigment spots

Small laugh lines are still beautiful. But then they turn into wrinkles, and many more signs of aging become visible with the years. The skin increasingly loses elasticity, the pores become coarser, and if you have enjoyed the sun too much in your younger years, fine brownish speckles appear on the skin from about 40 onwards.

Later unloved age spots or pigment spots become from it. Not only on the face, but also on the hands and the décolleté, these typical pigment changes spread, which reveal the true age of a person.

A herb against spots

First and foremost, you can effectively prevent such pigment spots by protecting your skin daily from harmful UV radiation with a high sun protection factor. And really every day, both in summer and winter. But if the spots are now once there, then one must not despair nevertheless.

Because there is a helpful herb against such pigment spots: the bearberry, Latin Uva Ursi. The bearberry contains an active ingredient, arbutin, which interferes with the formation of melanin.

As cell renewal slows down with age, the process of melanin formation is also prolonged, with the result that individual cells are enriched with excessive pigment. This is how the unloved pigment spots develop.

How Arbutin works

The active ingredient arbutin in bearberry reduces, applied externally, the production of melanin. In addition, the existing pigments in the skin are distributed more evenly. Thus, the pigment spots gradually fade and the skin looks more youthful again.

Effective recipe against pigment spots and age spots

€ 5 ml bearberry fluid
€ 100 ml facial tonic

Add the bearberry fluid extract to the toner and shake well. Use with a cotton ball like normal facial tonic, best 2 times a day. Bearberry fluid extract you can get in the pharmacy. Actually, these drops are used internally for urinary tract infections, but they also work very well externally for age spots.

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