May 23, 2024

Pilates and yoga – what are the differences between the two relaxation techniques??

In everyday life stress plays more and more often a main role. In most cases, this is due to the job, which demands overtime and constant availability. In the long run, however, the human body is not designed for it.

Sooner or later this becomes noticeable (for example by a bad mood or by sleep disturbances).

In order to prevent it from happening in the first place, many are looking for a way to relax. Yoga and Pilates are at the top of the list, but where are the differences and for whom is what better suited??

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Yoga and Pilates – The basic difference

Yoga and Pilates have many things in common. For example, both are sports that focus on conscious movement.

The difference is that only in yoga body and mind play a role or are combined with each other.

Pilates is different, it is first and foremost about the body. This also means, for example, that breathing is much more important in yoga.

A few words about Yoga

The Indian tradition has existed for many thousands of years. A reason why today there are different forms of it.

In yoga, movement plays only a minor role, instead, the philosophy of life originating in India focuses on meditation, breathing techniques and inner peace.

The most widespread is the Hatha Yoga style, another form would be Bikram Yoga. The peculiarity of it is that the exercises are performed at a room temperature of 40 degrees.

Yoga is not a classic sport with weight loss effect, it is about body, mind and soul.

A few words about Pilates

Pilates was founded in the 19th century. Century and is therefore still comparatively young. The inventor was Joseph Hubert Pilates, who developed the discipline for soldiers as a strengthening program.

In America, the whole thing became popular in the 1960s, the physical aspect is in the foreground in Pilates.

Pilates relaxation technique

That is, it is less about the mind and more about conscious and controlled movements designed to improve body awareness and strengthen deep muscles.

It works the pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal muscles the most. In this case it is also called the powerhouse.

The breathing

In yoga, breathing is an important and central element. It is considered a conscious exercise and it is usually done by breathing through the nose. But there are also special breathing exercises, which are considered as an independent part and are summarized under the term “Pranayama”. In Pilates, breathing does not have a spiritual aspect, instead it is more of a functional background.

For whom is what suitable?

Although yoga and Pilates have a common basis, both sports have a different target group. Those who want to do something for their body and lose weight are better served with Pilates. If it’s about stress reduction or the colloquial “switching off”, then yoga is the right choice.

If you have never tried both disciplines, you should sign up for appropriate taster classes. This allows you to experience both sports first hand and then decide which suits you better. It can also be that the decision is completely different than expected.