June 17, 2024

With coffee and salt against cellulite

Coffee is the nation’s pick-me-up. Black coffee is to make as well known also beautiful. After all, about 90% of German citizens choose their coffee every day: for breakfast, in the office or at the coffee klatsch. Coffee is in this country even – before beer – the people’s drink number one. But coffee with salt? That sounds rather unappetizing.

Nevertheless: coffee and salt are the peferkte combination, if it concerns the treatment of Cellulite. You do not have to drink this combination, but simply apply it externally.

Put an end to orange peel skin

The main active ingredient in coffee, caffeine, is used in numerous beauty products. Caffeine is a stimulant in stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola, mate, guarana and chocolate. It is one of the oldest, most effective and best tolerated stimulants. However, the substance not only acts internally as a stimulant, but comes u.a. also used in special cosmetics. Caffeine plays a major role in cellulite, for example.

The perfect duo for cellulite

Two out of three women suffer from orange peel skin. In anti-cellulite products, caffeine is used to stimulate the skin. It is absorbed by the skin and promotes blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. Together with salt, which has a strong detoxifying effect when applied externally, this is a perfect remedy for the unloved dimples.

Regularly massaged into the problem areas, caffeine and salt can thus help to counteract fat deposits. Already after several weeks of use, one can notice an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Of course, the effect is enhanced by appropriate sports activities.

Recipe for a coffee-salt peeling

1 part coffee grounds
1 part fine sea salt
2 parts shower gel

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl with each other well. In the shower, massage the problem areas well with this peeling paste and leave it on for a short time. Use the peeling at least 1 x a week. It is best to take a shower gel that goes well with the coffee aroma: z.B. with vanilla scent.

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