June 17, 2024

Surgeries in the genital area are performed more and more frequently

In recent years, more and more women have opted for surgery in the intimate area (intimate surgery). In 2014, about 1.800 operations performed; in 2015 it was already over 2.100 interventions – an increase of 17 percent.

A further increase is expected in 2018. The reasons are different – on the one hand it can be functional complaints, which make an intervention necessary, on the other hand the operations can have an aesthetic background.

What options are available

There are different types of labiaplasties. As a rule, the labia minora are reduced in size. Due to the aging process, several births or also for reasons of predisposition, the inner, i.e. smaller labia, are larger, so that these lead to problems.

Sufferers consistently complain of pain. Whether during sporting activities, sexual intercourse or even just walking – the permanent friction causes discomfort and makes for sore spots.

Other women suffer from the appearance – larger labia are perceived as unaesthetic, so that many women are also ashamed in front of their partners. If a woman decides to have labiaplasty, the quality of her life can be significantly improved.

Another intimate surgery is vaginoplasty. Natural childbirth causes the tissue of the vagina to become inelastic; as a result, the vagina becomes very dilated. The severe dilatation leads to functional problems – these can be corrected by means of vaginoplasty. As a result of an operation, women can enjoy “more feeling” again.

Vaginal tightening is also one of the possible treatments in intimate surgery. With the help of new medical procedures such as laser or radiofrequency and autologous fat treatment, the vagina can be tightened again.

Such interventions are not always purely aesthetic – sometimes bladder weakness can be regulated. The tightening also provides more intense feelings of pleasure. Unfortunately, the treatment does not last forever and must be repeated once a year.

The possible risks of surgery in the intimate area

For a long time it looked as if only nose corrections and breast enlargements were popular. However, in recent years, more and more women are opting for correction of the intimate area.

Of course, such interventions are not without risks. The fact that many cosmetic surgeons advertise that labiaplasty is only a “minor cosmetic correction” is problematic.

If a woman decides to undergo such an operation, she should make sure that her doctor is a “specialist in gynecology” or a “specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery” and has sufficient experience in the field of intimate surgery.

If an operation or the subsequent aftercare is inadequately performed, scars, infections and adhesions can u. a. make the sensation of pleasure limited – the woman, after having the “perfect labia”, suddenly has no more desire, because the sexual intercourse is more painful than ever before.

Also, psychological reasons – such as a disturbed sex life, a narcissistic disorder or even depression – should not be disregarded. They can be responsible for the fact that many women decide to undergo such surgery. Therefore, unless there are health problems, surgery for aesthetic reasons should be well considered and the affected individuals should seek extensive information and advice.

In the end, the patient’s wish is granted, but if there are more far-reaching causes, intimate surgery is only a treatment of the symptoms, not of the actual disease.

What patients must pay attention to after the procedure? After the operation it is important that women pay attention to hygiene. The intimate area is prone to infections even without surgery. For this reason, the intimate area should be cleaned with gentle intimate washing lotions.

The patient should abstain from sex for four to six weeks and avoid physical exertion. Slight bleeding, swelling and pain in the intimate area are possible; such side effects, however, subside after a few days.

The results

Nowadays, there are several studies that give a good overview of how many women use such operations and how many patients are also satisfied. The results show that about 93 percent of women are happy and satisfied after they have decided to have labiaplasty surgery.

The same percentage of women say that the operation was successful for medical reasons. In procedures for aesthetic reasons, 89 percent of women are satisfied with the results.