July 22, 2024

Fasting as a gentle purification

Spring is traditionally the ideal time for fasting and purification cures. The goal of a fasting cure is to eliminate waste products and toxins.

This can increase the well-being of both body and soul. By environmental poisons, fast food and CO. the gastrointestinal tract is stressed.

By a chamfering cure these harmful materials are excreted and the sensitive intestine receives the chance to be able to regenerate, whereby also the Darmflora is strengthened, which exercises a completely substantial influence on the immune system and the health.

Fasting for more vitality and a healthy intestinal flora

According to studies, an increase in immune substances in the intestines could be demonstrated in people who fasted, with a decrease in the load of harmful germs.

Fasting people feel according to own data increasingly more vital. Fasting is also suitable for initiating a long-term dietary change to reduce body weight.

Purification cures are ideal for ridding the body of polluting substances.

The change of diet automatically helps the intestinal flora, because the diet influences the bacteria in the intestines, which in turn influence the appetite for foods that nourish them.

In the course of a conscious and healthy diet, an intestinal flora develops that does not like convenience products, sweets and fast food, and the appetite for such foods decreases significantly.

A detox cure can also be very beneficial when people feel drained or weak.

Fasting is suitable for all people who want to rid the body of harmful substances and do themselves some good.

Modern fasting with the help of supporting dietary supplements

Thanks to modern nutritional supplements, purification cures are perfectly complemented and the body is supplied with valuable nutrients and vital substances.

The intestine and one’s own well-being are closely related to each other. The organic food supplement Emikosan with effective microorganisms can be taken daily to accompany any fasting cure.

In addition to EMs, the preparation contains a variety of particularly valuable herbs, to which numerous useful and supportive properties for the gastrointestinal tract are attributed.

The included metabolism-stimulating spices cardamom, nutmeg and turmeric prove to be helpful companions in any fasting cure.

By a purification cure do not only tumble each quantity of superfluous Pounds, but also the susceptibility for cold diseases.

Gently purify the body

In order to support the body in a gentle way during detoxification, Effective Microorganisms Darm is suitable throughout the year, as fasting cures can of course be carried out at any time of the year.

Who purges his gastrointestinal tract once a year and frees it from burdening substances, feels more vital, stronger and supports the immune system. With the help of accompanying purification juices, soups or teas, any fasting cure is ideally complemented.