June 17, 2024

Healthy teeth at any age – with these tips it can succeed

Healthy teeth are a must if you want to be well-groomed and look good. For this, the teeth do not necessarily have to be pure white, but flawless and not marked by discoloration.

In addition to the care of the teeth, the care of the gums is also important, because inflammation and deposits in the tooth pockets ensure that the teeth can loosen and fall out.

Therefore, the most important tip for beautiful and healthy teeth, the regular check-up visit to the dentist of confidence.

It should take place at least once a year, it is better to schedule it right away every six months.

Treat caries with natural means

Professional prophylaxis at the dentist consists of a detailed examination of the gums, teeth and the jaws. After the examination, the next steps of treatment are initiated.

If everything is in order, a professional dental cleaning is usually scheduled, during which the tooth pockets are also cleaned.

A common problem, especially in children’s teeth is the development of caries due to acids in the mouth and insufficient oral hygiene.

But the thought of the screeching drill triggers such fear in many patients that they prefer to postpone the visit to the dentist over and over again, which can be a serious mistake.

This allows the caries to eat its way deeper and deeper through the tooth. There are certainly patients who dream that they can free their teeth from caries by themselves and without a drill.

Is it possible that we can cure our teeth by ourselves?

Yes and no is the answer here, because it is not possible without professional help, but it is possible, at least for children’s teeth, to get around the drill.

Basically, it is recommended to make sure that the enamel is hard, smooth and stable. Prophylactic professional teeth cleaning, during which the teeth are also polished smooth, can help here.

Bacteria are thus made more difficult to settle in the tooth enamel. To harden the enamel, dentists often recommend special gels that are applied to the teeth and ensure that the enamel is strengthened.

Then recently there are also special gels that work like a caries treatment without a drill, because they dissolve the caries, which is then simply sprayed away.

So far, this method only works for very small cavities and for the milk teeth of small children.

In addition to the gel method, caries cavities can also be treated with lasers, but this method is still in the experimental phase.

The antibacterial agent chlorhexidine, which is known as a gargle for sore throats, can also be used against caries, as it ensures good removal of dental plaque.

If you apply fluorine gel to your teeth, you can at least help to inactivate the caries and prevent it from continuing to bore through the tooth.

However, this method does not remove caries, it only stops it.

From the Arab region comes a completely natural treatment for caries: the wood of a desert plant, the so-called arak tree.

This wood, harvested from the arak tree (Salvadora persica), is used throughout the Arab world for dental care.

Scientific studies show that it contains several substances that can fight plaque, caries and gingivitis.

The wood of the arak tree is commercially available under the name “miswak”.

Miswak woods can be used to brush teeth and ensure that they are remineralized at the same time.