June 17, 2024

Homeopathy as an alternative treatment method

Homeopathy as a method of alternative medicine was invented by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann launched a little more than 200 years ago.

As a responsible physician, he realized that he could not really help his patients with the traditional methods of healing.

Many a patient used to be z.B. Left to “bleed” until death. Hahnemann was no longer prepared to do this, and since he spoke and wrote several languages, he earned part of his living by translating medical texts.

The first drug test in the treatment method homeopathy

When translating a treatise about the healing effect of the cinchona bark from English into German, he did not agree at all with the content.

He tested the effect of cinchona bark on himself. He found out that due to the decoction of the bark of the cinchona tree he experienced fever attacks, which only occur in malaria patients.

This was the first drug trial in the treatment method homeopathy.

He gave of this “mother tincture” to the malaria patients and had to find out that they almost came to death by it. How he then came up with this brilliant idea of “potentizing” the remedy or. to dilute is not known to this day, but from this point on he succeeded in curing many of his patients.

His motto “to cure like with like” (similia similibus curanter) was born. The homeopathic medicine “China” is still the 1. Drug of choice for periodically recurring febrile seizures, i.e. also for malaria.

Materia medica – The homeopathy remedy directory

All homeopathic remedies are listed in the so-called “Materia medica”. This is a compilation of all the remedies about the symptoms of illness, be they mental, psychological or physical, which are caused in a healthy person due to the ingestion of a particular remedy.

This is the drug test that is still valid today, just as Hahnemann himself performed it for the first time with cinchona bark. In the case of toxins, of course, no drug test was carried out, but there were as z.B. in the case of arsenic, the physical symptoms of advanced poisoning are well known.

Nobody would be willing to be bitten voluntarily by a poisonous snake, but the physical reactions of the affected persons are familiar to the doctors.

But all these poisons were nevertheless tested in potentized form by healthy people, and the symptoms that appeared the same in all of them, and which they could not detect in themselves before taking the remedy, were then transferred to the materia medica.

Disease name meaningless for homeopathic treatment method

For the homeopathic treatment/treatment method, the disease name is basically completely meaningless. Important for the classical repertorization, which is the name of the detailed case recording, are the personal, striking and special symptoms of the sick person.

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