July 22, 2024

NARUMED – Natural help for arthritis and diarrhea

The company NARUMED has developed two pharmacy-exclusive quality products in the field of animal health. More specifically: for cats and dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or diarrhea.

NARUMED Diarrhea helps cats and dogs with and after acute diarrhea and NARUMED Arthrosis supports the joint metabolism of the quadrupeds with joint wear (osteoarthrosis). Both preparations are well tolerated and contain high-quality ingredients.

In mid-May 2019, the two dietary supplements from NARUMED will be launched on the market and will then be available in all pharmacies.

NARUMED Diarrhea – quality product for cats and dogs with diarrhea

Diarrhea in cats and dogs occurs frequently, often an infection is the cause. The quadruped may also have accidentally eaten something wrong.

In acute diarrhea, the animals often suffer from stomach pain or cramps, but also dullness and loss of appetite can be accompanying symptoms of diarrhea.

In addition, the quadrupeds lose more fluid during diarrhea, which in turn can lead to extreme fluid deficiency and consequently to dehydration. As a result of acute diarrhea, the healthy intestinal flora also becomes unbalanced.

NARUMED Diarrhea promises fast help for and after acute diarrhea, which is exclusively available in every pharmacy. The preparation contains minerals that compensate for electrolyte loss, the clay mineral bentonite, which binds harmful substances in the intestine, and a special microculture strain that stabilizes the intestinal flora.

NARUMED Diarrhea - quality product for cats and dogs with diarrhea

Treatment of acute diarrhea in cats and dogs

For the treatment of acute diarrhea in dogs and cats, in addition to the administration of NARUMED Diarrhea, a diet in two phases is recommended: In phase 1, a fasting diet has proven effective for both dogs and cats.

As a rule of thumb, the duration should not exceed 24 hours for cats and 12 to 48 hours for dogs, depending on their size. This allows the gastrointestinal tract to regenerate and calm down. It is also advisable to provide the four-legged friend with boiled water that has cooled to room temperature.

Afterwards, in phase 2 of the treatment, gentle food can be fed. The amount of food should be increased slowly and divided into several small meals. It is important to feed the quadruped easily digestible food such as low-fat meat.

Soft-boiled rice as well as mashed and boiled carrots and potatoes are also considered to be well tolerated. It is also important that the four-legged friend always has enough liquid available to compensate for the loss of fluids due to diarrhea.

NARUMED Arthrosis – gentle help for joint wear and tear

With increasing age, joint wear and tear (osteoarthrosis) can also become noticeable in cats and dogs. This is a wear and tear disease of the joints, in which the protective cartilage in the joint degrades over time.

As a result, the bones of the animals can rub against each other uncomfortably, which can lead to severe pain and chronic inflammation in the quadrupeds. Osteoarthritis is a gradual process, which unfortunately can neither be stopped nor reversed.

The wear and tear process can only be slowed down and the complaints alleviated. Arthrosis can occur not only as a result of ageing. The cause of the wear and tear can also be an incorrect load on the joints or a genetic predisposition.

But also overweight, injuries or misalignment of joints can promote osteoarthritis.

In cats and dogs, arthrosis is particularly noticeable by a lame or limping gait. Missing and wrong movement can additionally intensify the complaints.

NARUMED Osteoarthritis - Gentle help for cats and dogs with joint wear (osteoarthritis)

The supplement can help with osteoarthritis by supporting joint metabolism. Thanks to natural and well-tolerated ingredients, the preparation developed by animal experts promotes joint health in dogs and cats in a gentle way, without known side effects.

Thus, it can help the pet owner to effectively improve the quality of life of his four-legged friend.

Treatment of osteoarthritis in cats and dogs

In addition to the treatment with NARUMED arthrosis is often recommended a physio- and Exercise therapy, because the animals still need sufficient exercise, but gently and adapted to the complaints.

For overweight quadrupeds with arthrosis, the recommended dosage is Weight reduction after consultation with the veterinarian sensible. Owners of cats can also help their pet with grooming and make places where the cat likes to lie, more easily accessible.

NARUMED – what ingredients do the preparations contain and what is the effect?

The ingredients of the dietary supplements have been particularly carefully selected, because at NARUMED the welfare of the animals plays THE central role. The compositions are explained in detail below:

NARUMED Osteoarthritis
The trace element contained in NARUMED Arthrose 3-fold complex can gently support the joint health of the quadrupeds. The preparation contains valuable ingredients such as manganese, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Manganese is a micronutrient that supports the maintenance of normal bones.
    The four-legged friends also need the trace element for a normal energy metabolism.
  • Collagen is an essential connective tissue building block for the structure and stability of cartilage.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are valuable fats that support healthy joint metabolism.

NARUMED Diarrhea
NARUMED Diarrhea contains important Minerals, to compensate for the loss of electrolytes due to diarrhea. Furthermore bentonite is contained. This natural clay minerals is considered an effective remedy for stomach problems.

It is also known to bind toxins in the digestive system so the body can eliminate them. NARUMED Diarrhoea also contains the highly dosed Microcultures strain E. faecium NCIMB 10415.

The microcultures reduce the liquid in the stool and help to rebalance the intestinal flora. NARUMED Diarrhea is considered with the carefully selected ingredients as well digestible for cats and dogs, in addition, the digestive tract of the four-legged friends is protected.

Dosage for NARUMED Diarrhea

The preparations are available as powder. This is already pre-portioned in small sticks. The application is therefore considered particularly simple.

The dosage of NARUMED Diarrhea is based on the body weight of the quadruped. Depending on the animal daily 1-3 sticks should be administered.

For cats and small dogs up to 20 kg body weight, one stick daily is sufficient. For medium-sized dogs with a body weight of 20 to 40 kg, 2 sticks are recommended daily, and for dogs weighing 40 kg or more, 3 sticks are recommended daily. The preparation should be taken for a period of about 1-2 weeks daily are administered.

The powder contained in the sticks can be either mixed into the food or given directly into the mouth of the quadruped. By the way, even kittens and puppies can be administered NARUMED Diarrhea.

Dosage for NARUMED Arthrosis

The dosage of NARUMED Arthrosis is similar to NARUMED Diarrhea. Again, the animal is given 1-3 sticks daily. The NARUMED dosage depends here likewise on the body weight of the quadruped.

The application is the same as for NARUMED Diarrhea: The powder is mixed with the food or given directly into the mouth of the animal. The The duration of application should be 3 months amount.

Do side effects occur during the intake of NARUMED?

The ingredients of both NARUMED preparations have been carefully selected and are well tolerated by the four-legged friends. Therefore, when using NARUMED no side effects known.

Furthermore the preparations free from antibiotics and also interactions are not known. Therefore, in consultation with the veterinarian, the Narumed preparations can be combined with medications.

Buy NARUMED – where to buy the preparations? The market launch of NARUMED dietary supplements will take place in mid-May 2019. The two preparations are then available over-the-counter in any pharmacy or online.