April 17, 2024

5 good reasons why a suitable bra is so important

While in 1968 “instruments of female torture” – which included the bra – were burned as a sign of women’s rights, in 2018 many a lady simply didn’t care about underwear anymore. The abandonment of the brassiere was celebrated last year as the “Free The Nipple” trend.

Bra – yes or no?

Not infrequently, celebrities were and are in the front to make this trend more popular. The fact that there are perfectly good and healthy reasons why a fitting bra is important is now no longer quite so present.

Reason 1: A bra in the right size is essential for health

Reasons for the right shoe on the feet are known to many women, with the bra it looks apparently different. The most important reason is your own health.

If you choose the wrong size or go for “cheap goods” that don’t fit properly, you risk health problems. These start with back and/or neck pain.

Painful shoulders are also part of the equation, as the straps often cut into the skin when the bra is unable to support the weight of the breast. This can cause posture problems.

In addition, inflammation in the breast is possible if the bra straps press on the tissue. With a bra in the right size this will not happen.

The bra provides an optimal weight distribution and balances the breast perfectly. In the right places, the cups shape and support the tissue, so that health is not affected in any way.

Reason 2: Also in other areas – sports and swimwear holds, supports and protects

For every woman it is important to wear an ideally fitting bra. Who has a lush, large bust size, should place even more value on a suitable model.

That this is not always easy is shown by the fact that almost 80 percent of women do not wear the right bra size.

With large breasts, for example, it is always important to pay attention to a supportive and reliable underbust band.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention not only to the perfect fit of the bra, but also to large sizes bikinis and sports underwear in large cups.

Professional labels ensure that the swim and sports fashion has a good fit and yet does not lose in appearance.

A sports bra is usually constructed differently than normal underwear. This is important in order to support the sensitive connective tissue more intensively during the various activities

The female body is in motion, both during sports and at the beach. Basically, the activity in sports is a little higher, but in both occasions it is important to rely on intensive support in the form of specific underwear.

The reason for this is the sensitive connective tissue, which needs sufficient support during the ups and downs of jogging, as well as during a round of beach volleyball.

Reason 3: The feeling of being able to rely on your underwear boosts your self-confidence

In everyday life, leisure time and at work, there are situations in which a woman must rely completely on her underwear.

Whether it’s a high-movement day at the office, climbing the stairs or strolling with girlfriends, the bra must provide uncompromising support for the breasts during the process.

Especially with a large bust size, it is very important to be able to completely rely on the underwear

Who can rely 100 percent on his lingerie, benefits from a strengthened self-confidence. It is important that the breast tissue does not wobble uncontrollably or hurt during movements.

Reason 4: Your own well-being increases

Over time, a well-fitting bra with high wearing comfort ensures that one’s own well-being increases. The reason for this is that the piece of underwear is suddenly no longer noticed so clearly.

At the same time, the posture corrects itself, which automatically results in an upright gait.

Reason 5: The bra brings the breast visually in shape and promotes self-confidence

Dissatisfaction with one’s own body is especially widespread among women. To feel more attractive overall and boost self-confidence, a bra in the right size is worth a try.

The brassiere visually shapes the breast and contributes to a sexy cleavage.

Signs that the bra does not fit properly or that it is the wrong size:

  • The underwire stings or presses into the breast.
  • The underbust band presses, constricts or is loose, possibly slipping upwards.
  • The breasts push out of the top or sides of the cup.
  • The cups do not enclose the breast and during movements the breast slips out.
  • The bra or its straps slip all the time.
  • The bar lifts off and does not lie against the body.

A look back: The bra freed ladies from corsages that were harmful to their health

Historical sources do not fully agree on who first patented the brassiere in its modern form.

What is certain is that the much more comfortable bra gave the ladies great relief. In fact, it replaced corsets and corsets. These were reinforced with whalebone, buffalo horn or steel springs at the time.

Accordingly, they were uncomfortable to wear. In addition, the underwear constructions constricted the freedom of movement, had a considerable additional weight and made breathing more difficult.

Officially, the inventor of the bra is called Mary-Phelps Jacob in many sources. She patented her version in America in 1914 and sold it a little later to the Warner Brothers Corset Company.

The bra was made from two handkerchiefs held together by different straps.

With the introduction of the bra, the female body suddenly changed as well. The average waist circumference grew from 56 to a healthy 72 centimeters.

The cup system for bras, which still exists today, was established as early as the 1930s.