April 17, 2024

Sports injuries in orthopedics

In addition to the treatment of accidents at work, sports injuries are becoming increasingly important in orthopedics.

Due to the increasing interest in sports activity – even into old age – we have to deal in our Bonn Örthopädie more and more with painful sports injuries, see Bonn Örthopäde Römer – Sports injuries in golf and tennis.

The problems of our patients range not only from the well-known tennis elbow or injuries to the feet caused by an accident while playing soccer or running.

Due to the practice of ever new, daring trend sports, the repertoire of injuries has become very diverse.

Caution during sports!

Sport is part of a healthy lifestyle. Those who are active keep body and mind young – even in old age.

Not only the muscles, but also the cardiovascular system are strengthened and protected by the sporting activity. In addition, you can get rid of a few extra pounds and keep yourself fit.

Beginners in particular are quick to overestimate the capabilities of their bodies, so that injuries can quickly occur, especially in inexperienced athletes. In our practice we often treat injuries caused by incorrect posture.

Golf – Avoid bad posture

Our orthopedics in Bonn treats more and more patients who have injured themselves while golfing. The sport on the green has experienced a real boom in recent years, but unfortunately also particularly many newcomers to golf fall ill with the typical injuries of this particular sport, see Bonn Örthopäde Römer – painful elbow after golf and tennis.

In the past, golf was thought to be something for pensioners and high society, but now it has become a mass sport. Those who follow a few tips can still be active on the green at an advanced age.

Posture is important in golf, because if you move incorrectly or only on one side when putting, you quickly risk back pain or an injury to the spine.

Also, poor posture while practicing golf can cause hip problems or the typical golfer’s elbow.

As a beginner, you should have an experienced golfer show you the correct movements beforehand and practice them as a kind of dry run.

The correct swing and rotation of the upper body are not only important for success in golf, but also for the prevention of sports injuries.

Also caused by incorrect technique is golfer’s elbow, here exercise also helps so that these sports injuries can be avoided in advance.

The Römer orthopedic clinic in Bonn therefore advises users to avoid this painful tendonitis, which is similar to tennis elbow, by not putting too much strain on the arm.

Orthopedics Römer in Bonn – shock wave therapy against injuries

While tennis elbow is one of the typical sports injuries treated in our orthopedic practice in Bonn, we are also increasingly treating cramps in the hands and arms as well as painful inflammations caused by golf injuries.

Thanks to the most modern medical procedures, shock wave therapy can be offered for injuries caused by sports activity, often as an alternative to surgery.

At Orthopädie Römer in Bonn, shock wave therapy is used to penetrate deep into the patient’s injured region and regenerate the affected part of the body in an uncomplicated way.

The audible pressure waves generated by this modern form of orthopedic therapy release energies in the body that quickly stimulate the body to regenerate and reduce pain.

The applied therapy is completely harmless, it does not damage any cells or the skin.

Shock wave therapy can be used to target injured areas of the body, which are then better supplied with blood.

Shock wave therapy is not only suitable for the treatment of injuries caused by sports activities, but also for the treatment of tension caused by poor posture or chronic back pain.