June 17, 2024

Fight of the ideologists against homoeopathy

Battle of the ideologues against homoeopathy or how ideological thinking loses sight of the patient.

Homeopathy has often been attacked in public, currently repeatedly by the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences (GWUP). It lacks scientific proof, is only a placebo effect and merely keeps patients away from the right treatment, and in extreme cases is even life-threatening.

As is so often the case with ideologically acting functionaries, however, these accusations are characterized by a recognizable double standard: When it comes to alternative healing methods, i.e., methods that do not correspond to classical orthodox medicine, scientific proof is demanded.

There is now sufficient evidence of efficacy and experience of homeopathic active ingredients; only the mechanism of action is still being scientifically searched for – a meta-analysis published in 2014 proves that individualized homeopathy is significantly better than placebo. The following national and international databases provide a complete overview of the study situation of homeopathic agents and applications:


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Conventional medical methods, on the other hand, have been repeatedly found to lack scientific proof.

– Anyone who has ever had an operation knows and appreciates the freedom from pain provided by anesthesia. But nobody knows until today how an anesthetic really works. The experiences of patients and therapists, however, clearly prove: a narcotic works. Millions of operated are grateful about it.

Aspirin was also used for decades, although it was not until 1970 that the mechanism of action could be fully clarified. The list of examples could be continued at will.

But shouldn’t one essential question always be in the foreground: Does the active substance help, does the therapy procedure help the patient??
Repeated surveys among patients show that

– about every second German has already used homeopathic remedies (FORSA, March 2014, 48% and Allensbach, 2009, 51%) and
– three out of four homeopathy users are very satisfied with it (Forsa, March 2014, 76%).

Do functionaries and medicine ideologists with their repeated insinuations want to make the German public, consequently the responsible patients believe that their predominant satisfaction with homoeopathy arises without a healing effect? In any case, patients have and will continue to decide from their personal positive experience whether and that homeopathy helps them.

There is still the accusation of the critics that homoeopathy keeps people away from the only correct, orthodox medical treatment. There is no question that homeopathy is a therapeutic method to strengthen regulating self-healing tendencies with refined, “potentized” remedies and active substances from plants, minerals, metals or other biological basic substances.

Homeopathy cannot help in every case and automatically, respectively. guarantee a cure. A fate that homeopathy shares with many other treatment methods: Also, not every pain therapy is guaranteed to work; not every surgery eliminates discomfort; and not every high blood pressure is successfully lowered by every blood pressure medication.

Therefore, almost every patient has already changed the doctor or therapist because the treatment did not work. Precisely because there is rarely the one, right way in healing, the legislator has forbidden to give a guarantee on the success of a therapy, which allows free choice of therapists and therapies and thus opens the possibility to achieve medical and health success. And that is – Patients have long since decided – sometimes the conventional medicine and sometimes homeopathy. And all this for the benefit of the patient.

Monika Gerhardus (UDH – LV Hessen): „Patients have long since decided – sometimes conventional medicine and sometimes homoeopathy – all for their own good.”