June 17, 2024

This is how a partner regression works

Again and again one reads or hears from persons, who offer a so-called partner return. This is a procedure to get a former life partner to return and give the elapsed love a chance again. Above all medially gifted people offer partner returns and use thereby also white magic or Voodoo.

The magic of partner regression

However, this type of love spell should not be confused with couple or relationship therapy, which is usually offered by therapists or psychologists. With a partner return the magic works sometimes also in absence and ignorance of the respective ex-partner.

The mystery of love

Love is an elusive phenomenon. There are almost as many approaches to explain it as ways to experience it. If love is returned, there is no better feeling in the world. However, if it is not reciprocated or subsequently withdrawn, a world collapses for many people.

This is precisely why a breakup is such a drastic experience for many people. Especially sensitive people, who are very emotional and need closeness, are often very hurt by separations.

It is especially bad when the separation has no real reasons, but the partner only reacts short-sightedly to certain circumstances. The good thing is, however, that precisely in such cases not all is lost. With a lot of effort and understanding, and maybe a touch of magic, a broken relationship can be mended. This is the approach of partner regression.

White magic and voodoo

Many mediums who offer partner regression work with the tools of white magic and voodoo. The goal is always to return the positive power of love to the partners destined for each other, even if worldly factors stand in the way of this goal.

But how exactly does it work?? In Vienna the medium Anna Böhm carries out partner regression.

She explains: “A partner regression takes place in phases. First, the causes of the breakup must be found and blockages as well as fears and painful experiences must be located. Then the rituals of love magic take place, which have an effect on the partner.

First he starts to think about the former relationship again, then to miss it. Finally, the love is recognized and the person comes back.”Generally, white magic is a collection of spells for “good” purposes and is not meant to force the ex, but to help him realize the right thing to do.

Partner regression and its prospect of success

Many providers of partner reunions promise a hundred percent chance of success. This is of course dubious. Some separations are the consequence of a true incompatibility, which was only not recognized yet by all involved ones.

But in many cases the separation was rather affective, so to speak “out of the gut”. In such cases, the ex-partner is more than receptive to the effects of white magic, because he subconsciously knows that his decision was wrong and hasty.

To sound out the chances of a successful partner return, is incumbent on the expert medium. Therefore, most reputable providers insist on getting to know the inquirer and their case before any promises can be made.

Anna Böhm says: “It is also important that the person recognizes that partner return is not a game. They are powerful rituals and the effect is long term.”

What is love worth to me?

A big issue with such offers is always the price. Many providers keep a low profile and thus promote mistrust. Others speak plainly and make it clear that such a strong magical performance has its price.

Anna Böhm belongs to the latter: “Transparency is important to me. I am a born medium and use my skills to help others. That’s what I get paid for – like a doctor or a teacher.”

For those interested, the question is rather what love is really worth to them. If you shy away from investing in an opportunity, you probably don’t really care that much about your ex-partner. Who really loves, gives himself, his heart and proverbially the last shirt.