June 17, 2024

E-cigarette, the false reputation of vaporizers

Smoking is harmful, there’s no arguing about it. A few years ago, the e-cigarette really came into its own and suddenly it was steaming next to us on the bus, in restaurants or on the street, and it smelled like strawberries or melon.

But even though the e-cigarette is actually a healthy alternative to smoking, its bad reputation precedes it.

This is mainly due to the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty – there are hardly any long-term studies and thus hardly any knowledge about the effects of consumption on the body.

This scares many people and leads to the inclusion of other tools, such as the vaporizer from the bad reputation. Yet most people do not even know what a vaporizer actually is.

Healthy vapor

The word “vaporize” means to vaporize – so a vaporizer is nothing more than a vaporizer. Various active substances are condemned. Unlike the e-cigarette, however, the substance vaporizes directly and not the solution.

Also, such a low temperature is used that only the desired ingredients vaporize and there is no combustion, such as with the conventional cigarette.

Often the vaporizer is associated with cannabis use, which gives it a bad and of course illegal reputation. But he is by no means intended for this.

Vaporizers have been around for quite a long time, being used primarily in the medical field, z.B. to let patients inhale certain active ingredients such as in anesthesia.

Vaporizers are also often used in aromatherapy, along with healthy and nurturing oils, because pleasant scents can be produced when, for example, lemon balm or eucalyptus is vaporized. It calms and has a soothing effect on the body.

E-cigarette – relaxation also for home

The classic vaporizers are not exactly mobile devices that you carry around with you. But the technology has evolved, because nowadays there are handy and modern vaporizers.

With these, you can also take advantage of the many positive properties of vaporizing at home and on the road.

The following table shows which plants produce which effects when vaporized in a vaporizer.

Plant Temperature Effect
Valerian root 190 °C Soothing
Eucalyptus leaves 130 °C Beneficial for colds
St. John’s wort 180 °C Better sleep
Lemon balm leaves 142 °C Invigorating, soothing
Sage leaves 190 °C Soothes sore throat
Lavender leaves 130 °C Relaxation

It quickly becomes clear that the vaporizer is more than just a tool for cannabis consumption – on the contrary, its real potential lies in aromatherapy and even in the relief of cold symptoms.

Herbs have been used for centuries to transfer their positive effects to people’s bodies – with the help of vaporization, this is now also possible simply and easily at home.