July 22, 2024

Stiff neck – when every movement hurts!

Many people already wake up with pain. Every movement, especially turning of the head becomes a torture. Almost everyone knows it: a stiff neck.

The causes are manifold. In the rarest cases, there are serious underlying diseases for a stiff neck to develop.

How a stiff neck gets in the way of your everyday life!

If you suffer from a stiff neck, you are severely restricted in your everyday life. As soon as you move your head just a few centimeters, you feel severe pain.

In addition, you are restricted in your movements. It feels as if you can no longer use your neck properly.

Which complaints you have with a stiff neck is quite individual. Perhaps the pain radiates from your neck to your shoulder blades or upper arms. Tingling in the limbs or numbness in the head are also not uncommon.

In addition to the classic symptoms, patients often suffer from severe headaches, up to and including a full-blown migraine. This connection is often not recognized, so that in many cases those affected suffer from severe discomfort for months on end.

All these symptoms lead to the fact that you can no longer enjoy your everyday life properly. Work, sports and leisure activities are severely restricted.

Why do I suffer from a stiff neck??

Many people report that they feel the excruciating pain after waking up. Often an unfavorable sleeping position is to blame.

A mattress that is not the right firmness level or a pillow that is too firm or too loose in its content can cause a stiff neck.

But also incorrect load in everyday life lead to the pain. One-sided movement patterns, for example sitting for long periods of time, or a considerable load, such as carrying heavy shopping bags, can be causes of the stiff neck.

Have you been driving in the car with the windows open? Even a chill caused by drafts leads to the unpleasant movement restrictions.

Not to forget basic problems in the neck and shoulder area, such as muscular imbalances, vertebral blockages and disc damage in the cervical spine. The good news: most of the causes can be eliminated or corrected. be relieved.

Find the cause!

If you suffer repeatedly from a stiff neck, it is important to identify the cause and counteract it in everyday life. To do this, it is necessary to first correct the grievances that lead to the discomfort.

Therefore you should rethink and adjust your everyday life. Quick solutions can usually be found for incorrect posture, drafts, unfavorable sleeping conditions and heavy loads.

Experts repeatedly point out that an ergonomic work environment is important for preventing back problems.

You should also make detailed inquiries about the optimal sleeping conditions for your body. There are great differences that should be taken into account.

Muscular imbalances can be corrected with targeted conditioning training. Vertebral blockage and disc damage in the cervical spine require therapy

Don’t take it easy!

It is tempting to take it easy under the circumstances. But it’s precisely this relieving posture that leads to further problems and only prolongs your suffering.

Even though you shouldn’t do heavy lifting with a stiff neck, it’s important to stay active.

If you suffer from severe pain, it may be advisable to take pain medication. Heat applications also alleviate the discomfort.

Light stretching and gentle movements are important to relieve the tension that often leads to a stiff neck.