July 22, 2024

Expertise for osteopaths: The Osteothek knowledge portal

With the Osteothek, Thieme offers convenient access to the contents of osteopathic reference books and journals and further subject-specific content. The on-line offer addresses itself with priority directly to Osteopathen in occupation and training.

Osteothek – Quick access to relevant specialized information

Osteopaths often have little time to prepare for and follow up on patient appointments in the day-to-day running of their practice. “Quick access to relevant information provides security and increases the quality of treatment,” explains program planner Monika GrĂ¼bener. “With the Osteothek, osteopaths have online access to qualified specialist information that can be researched across products,” she says, describing the knowledge portal for prospective and practicing osteopaths.

Specialist books, articles, videos and illustrations

The Osteothek offers access to the contents of osteopathic textbooks from the publishers Thieme and Haug, as well as selected titles from the Jolandos publishing house. In addition, all professional articles of the “DO. German Journal of Osteopathy” by Haug are available for download. Users can search the specialist literature across titles and add markers, notes and bookmarks according to their needs.

Supplemented by over 300 videos. They show step by step diagnostic tests and treatment techniques. Around 50 mind maps on so-called osteopathic correspondences show at a glance the structural and functional relationships of systems, structures and organs in the body.

Correspondences are illustrated with anatomical drawings from the three-volume anatomy learning atlas PROMETHEUS by Thieme. New journal issues, new publications and videos are continually added to the offering.