April 17, 2024

Accelerate hair growth: 5 tips that stimulate hair growth

Shiny, long and full hair is commonly considered the ideal of beauty. Countless advertising figures and influencers present the perfect mane and we want it too! We have therefore put together a few tips and tricks for you here on how to help your hair, Grow fast and healthy!

Which nutrients promote healthy hair growth?

Our hair needs above all the Vitamin B complex, which consists of 8 vitamins. The best known in terms of beautiful hair is biotin. B vitamins are essential for our metabolism to function properly and this has an impact on beautiful hair, skin and nails!

In addition, our hair needs Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and iron, to grow fast and look healthy. Iron is especially important for the oxygen supply of the hair root and vitamin C in turn promotes iron absorption in the body and also stimulates blood circulation – including that of the scalp, which is stimulates hair growth.

With vitamin A, always make sure you take it along with fat, as it is a fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin E is also fat soluble and the body needs it to feel Defend against free radicals. In addition help Zinc and folic acid to grow hair healthy and strong!

Where to find these nutrients?

Iron is found mainly in Oatmeal and figs. With oatmeal, however, make sure you take it with water or orange juice rather than milk, as milk protein inhibits iron absorption, while vitamin C promotes it!

Avocado has long lived up to its reputation as a beauty and superfood – even for healthy hair growth.

It belongs to the berries and provides Vitamin A, C D and E. As well as all other berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc.) should be consumed daily to provide the body with sufficient nutrients.

And do not worry: even if the avocado contains a lot of fat, you will still not gain weight, because it consists mainly of saturated and therefore healthy fats.

The same goes for Nuts, salmon and legumes. Nuts, such as peanuts and walnuts even contain a lot of zinc in addition to healthy fats. This promotes cell growth and, by the way, also good for our skin.

Last but not least are much Fresh vegetables and fruit essential for a balanced diet that provides our body with ideal nutrients. With fruit, however, you should be careful not to consume too much, as the fructose it contains is not good for us in large quantities.

How you can actively stimulate your scalp to grow and what are the tips and tricks you can learn now!

#1 Exercise!

Sport stimulates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Therefore, even if you are only interested in hair growth, you should exercise sufficiently.

Either you put a small workout every day or exercise 2-3 times a week for a longer period of time.

Depending on how much time you have and how your physical fitness is, you will notice after a few weeks that your complexion looks fresher and you generally appear fitter.

The increased metabolic function and the improved blood circulation will sooner or later also be noticeable in the hair growth – so have a little patience!

Here is a highly recommended YouTube channel that offers everything from 10 minute workouts to longer HIIT sessions for a comprehensive exercise program!

#2 Take care of a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp is the A and O for a healthy and fast hair growth. Below we show you a few tips on how to pamper your scalp.

Scalp massages

Massages are known to stimulate blood circulation and a well-circulated scalp is a healthy scalp, which guarantees healthy hair growth!

You can also take a few drops of castor oil, coconut oil or argan oil apply it to your scalp for an additional effect in terms of healthy hair. But it also works without oils.

You should massage your scalp regularly. It is best to get used to a type Beauty Ritual before going to bed and massage your scalp daily for about 10 minutes. Here are the positive effects are only visible after some time.

But don’t hang your head, at the latest after a few months of regular massage sessions your hair will feel thicker and fuller!

The right brush and brushing technique

You should keep your hair Regular brushing. For this purpose, brushes with natural bristles, such as that of wild boar.

Such materials distribute the natural sebum in the hair and provide the necessary shine. In addition, brushing in turn stimulates blood flow to the scalp and what that leads to, we already know.

To do this, you should always make sure that you your hair never comb your hair when wet, Because otherwise it will be severely stretched and damaged. You should also always start in the tips to To gently untangle knots.

Only when the tips are felt-free, you can comb through your hair from the roots downwards. Also so-called Tangle teaser for fine, but unruly hair, are highly recommended!

#3 The right shampoo

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of hairdressing products with special ingredients that promise healthy and fast-growing hair. Many of them also keep this promise, You should only make sure that the Ingredients are of high quality are.

This is reflected in the price, but you generally get along with high-quality products much longer, because you need less of it.

Caffeine shampoos

Caffeine shampoos or tonics stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth. Caffeine also prolongs the growth phase of the hair, but there is no clear scientific evidence to date.

A promoted blood circulation harms the scalp and the hair growth, however, as is well known, not at all!

Shampoos for brittle hair

In the meantime, there are very good shampoos on the market that deliver what they promise. An insider tip is for example Genesis series from Kérastase. It helps against hair loss due to hair breakage and consists of shampoo, conditioner, cure and a tonic.

The latter stimulates with daily use incl. Massage the hair growth, strengthens the hair root and generally ensures strengthened hair.

It is best to let advised by the hairdresser or just visit high quality online stores, who are also familiar with the products offered.

Care, care, care!

The hair needs moisture and also sunscreen, to develop its full radiance and beauty. As with your face, you should therefore always make sure that you keep your hair well moisturized and summer and winter on a pay attention to appropriate UV protection.

Either you rely on sunscreen sprays for hair or you always wear a hat or cap when the sun is beating down. Also the After-sun care you should not forget! So nothing stands in the way of a beautiful and even hair growth.

#4 Hair like silk through silk

If you are mainly under Hair loss due to hair breakage suffer, then a new pillow case can work wonders. The hair surface is roughened and thus attacked by the movements during sleep. This creates breakage and the hair looks unhealthy and thin.

If you want to invest a little money in a Silk cover for your pillow invest, however, your mane and skin will be gently bedded every night. You will have fewer pressure wrinkles on your face and your hair will be far less in the morning frizzy be than you are used to.

#5 Use fermented rice water

This trick has been featured over and over again in various beauty blogs for some time now: fermented rice water as a hair treatment. The tip comes from southern China, more precisely from the Yao tribe, whose women are known for long, thick and shiny hair.

This works because rice water contains vitamin B8, which strengthens, repairs and increases the elasticity of the hair.

In addition, fermented rice water contains many amino acids and proteins: a mega combination when it comes to fast and sustainable hair growth. How the rice water is made, you can read here!