June 17, 2024

Treat hemorrhoids on yourself

If you have found symptoms of hemorrhoids in yourself, you can take sensible measures against them already at home. However, you should not hesitate too long to see a doctor, because hemorrhoids in later stages are not as curable as they were in the beginning. If you have hemorrhoid symptoms, such as bright red blood in the stool, burning and itching in the anus region or sometimes have pain during defecation, these symptoms can be due to a hemorrhoid condition.

With hemorrhoids pay attention to the diet

What you should pay attention to now is that you should eat healthy food. That means that one pays attention to supply his body with a lot of dietary fibers. This keeps the bowel working and the blood vessels well supplied with blood. So lots of whole grain bread, wheat bran, figs, fresh fruit and legumes. In addition, one should make sure to drink enough. This means that you should drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day. These can be teas, juices or water.

As a third measure, one should make sure to exercise a lot. Thus, walking a lot, hiking and swimming are ideal home remedies to prevent constipation. On the toilet one should pay attention to the correct hygiene. This means that it is better to clean yourself with a damp cloth than with toilet paper. Wet wipes are not recommended, as they can contain chemical pollutants that can do more harm than good to the already irritated areas.

Other home remedies include sitz baths, which you use twice a day. You help to soothe the burning and itching with lukewarm water. In addition, pelvic floor muscle exercises are very helpful. It is best to seek advice on this from your doctor.