June 17, 2024

Understand and overcome attachment anxiety

No matter how much she wants a relationship and how attracted she is to another person. There’s always this barrier between her and the others that she can’t overcome and that keeps her from being happy like that.

Affected by commitment anxiety

It was already the seventh date. A visit to the cinema with a romantic film, followed by a candlelight dinner and then a passionate night out. Marie feels good in the presence of the other person, she is in love and actually she is also looking for something long term. It should finally be an end to loneliness!

But when today the telephone rings and the hoped for name is indicated as caller, it lets it ring. The same goes for the other twelve times the cell phone rings on the same day. And the following days. She cannot really explain it to herself. Why is Marie afraid of something she wants more than anything else in the world??

So or so it goes for many. Either you don’t manage to get involved in a serious relationship at all. Or one is in a relationship and feels uncomfortable, loses contact with the partner and isolates itself gradually more and more.

Of course, this is not only difficult for the affected themselves, but also for the other person in each case. And in the worst case, children are also involved.

Because the connection fear is usually not limited to romantic relationships but takes influence on the whole interhuman life. Regardless of whether they are friends, relatives or even your own offspring.

Against the fear of commitment

Fortunately, however, there are now many ways to help against commitment anxiety. And of course without spending a lot of money on a psychologist or any drugs.

Theresa K├Ânig and Ole Anderson’s online guide, for example, brings a lot of useful information to the table. What are the possible causes of commitment anxiety?? What can I do about it? What can you change as a couple to cope with the problem??

The guidebook leads one thereby step by step by the bases. The causes are explained in detail. Since it’s not only important to understand commitment anxiety, the book also gives you important insights into the dynamics of relationships.

After all, it’s not as if all problems in a relationship are triggered by just the one relationship-incompetent person. For example, did you know that there are many people who unconsciously get involved with relationship incompetents over and over again?

The book also does not conceal the dangers of dealing with commitment anxiety: you may find out things about yourself, your partner or the relationship that you first have to process. Because the fact is: Relationships are complicated and there are always at least two involved.

And everyone involved has to make admissions and participate in making the relationship work. The book helps you fix the relationship, but it also helps you stay realistic in the process.