July 22, 2024

Healthy prostate with prostaphytol and the natural active ingredients of pomegranate

The experts at Prostaphytol have developed a natural combination of vital substances to provide lasting support for the prostate gland. Those affected can get their problems under control after only a few days, without surgery.

Prostate risk zone

The prostate is a real all-rounder. The prostate gland, which is the size of a chestnut, is involved in the formation of sperm and it supports the bladder in its tasks.

Normally, the prostate works unnoticed in the background, and many men only take a closer look at the sexual organ when problems begin to spread.

It’s a frightening statistic: Ca. 60% of men aged 50 and over suffer from prostate problems. These can be manifested by pain when urinating, a constant urge to urinate or an unpleasant feeling of residual urine.

An enlarged prostate can press on the bladder and cause a strong urge to urinate. Due to hormonal changes, especially men in the second half of life suffer from the unpleasant consequences, which often affect the psyche and sexual life.

Preventive measures are important

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men over the age of 65. Year of life. Again and again, experts advise early detection and preventive examinations to identify cancer as early as possible.

For this purpose, doctors can determine the PSA level or perform a rectal examination.

In addition to regular preventive examinations, the avoidance of risk factors is considered to be the central key in the fight against prostate diseases.

Strengthening the immune system, avoiding obesity, reducing meat consumption and avoiding nicotine and alcohol are among the most important preventive measures.

The right supply of vital substances for a healthy prostate gland

Many symptoms can be remedied with the right mix of natural vital substances. Time and again, experts draw attention to the power of the pomegranate in this regard.

The polyphenols contained in it dock onto the inner walls of the prostate and develop their anti-inflammatory effect there. As a result, the inflamed prostate gland can reach its normal size in a hurry.

Pomegranates contain potassium, vitamins C and E, zinc and iron. Several clinical studies have shown that polyphenols counteract heart disease and stress and reduce erectile dysfunction in old age.

Prostaphytol – Innovative solution to prostate problems

Prostaphytol harnesses the power of pomegranate to deliver a novel formula in the fight against grueling prostate problems.

Prostaphytol has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help to alleviate prostate problems in a very short time.

Already now countless men swear by Prostaphytol capsules in the treatment of prostate problems. This is a special vital substance combination of pomegranate polyphenols, turmeric, flax and many other vital substances.

Its regular intake can maintain the prostate size of a young man in a very short time and eliminate problems such as erectile dysfunction and insomnia.

Thereby the intake could not be easier: Just 1 capsule a day is enough to achieve fast results.

What are the ingredients of Prostaphytol capsules??

Prostaphytol capsules combine the following vital substances into an innovative formula: