April 17, 2024

Flying: Passengers with health complaints should keep this in mind

Everybody gets sick once. But this does not mean that he should not fly for this reason. Even people with chronic ailments are allowed to travel by plane. In addition, there are also special cases that should not be allowed to board an airplane. All others should prepare themselves very well for the flight and also take certain precautionary measures during the flight.

General measures

Those who believe they are not allowed to fly for health reasons should always consult their doctor in advance and seek advice. Before the flight, all important documents should be compiled: one’s medical history, a doctor’s certificate, medication names, test results, specific treatment methods and a letter from the family doctor (in English if traveling abroad). In addition, many airlines offer a special service to sick passengers. For this purpose, the passenger should contact the airline in advance to make the appropriate travel arrangements.

A flight for sick passengers should therefore always be well prepared. This also includes, for example, taking medications that need to be taken regularly with you in your luggage. There should be little or no stress before the flight. It is best to allow plenty of time and arrive at the airport on time. Every passenger – whether healthy or ill – should be physically and mentally well rested before a flight.

In order not to experience any surprises in the destination country, it is of course also important to inform yourself about the climate, medical treatment options, living conditions, cultural customs, etc. to inform. It is generally recommended to carry travel health insurance and a credit card to fall back on in case of injury or illness abroad.

Measures for pregnant women

Pregnancy is not a disease, of course, and a flight should not actually cause any health problems. Nevertheless, it is also important in this case to be well prepared and to ask the doctor for advice beforehand. In general, a pregnant woman should be exposed to as little stress as possible. The ideal time to travel during pregnancy is between the 12. and the 28. Week. In the event that the flight goes to a distant country, a medical certificate is required in each case. Pregnant women are recommended to do leg exercises during the flight and not to fasten the safety belt directly on the belly, but to put a blanket under it.

People who should not fly

People with certain heart problems (unstable angina pectoris, cyanosis, heart failure and acute myocardial infarction), respiratory problems (pneumothorax, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.) should not fly.) and other limitations (bleeding when coughing, stroke, severe anemia, inflammation of the middle ear, etc.).).