June 17, 2024

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The “elixir of life” is definitely available with Synthesit. Is it possible to stay young longer and prolong your life?? Yes!

Longevity in today’s world is one of the most coveted goals of modern humanity. This goal has always impressed people. However, material resources have always been very limited.

Today, however, we live in a different time. There is enough of everything, but the life span remains the same. Depending on the body’s condition and well-being, life span can be shorter or longer.

At the same time, the world today is so complex that the learning process does not stop before 50. The second year of life is over. After 50 years of life, people slowly start to fade away. This is a dilemma. Because just then, you begin to understand and enjoy the world.

This problem is captured via various business ideas. Meanwhile, the demand for an effective solution has risen sharply.

Media and marketing ideas show that the main trend goes exactly in the direction of always staying young. Until now, however, there was no prescription or. Solution approach which let the trend become reality.

What the market offers are merely solutions to counteract and slow down aging, such as “makeup: simpler and more natural,” facial gymnastics, makeup and even yoga, along with a vegan lifestyle.

At the same time, however, there is the fact that the active life potential of a human being can be at least 100 years old.

This conclusion has been drawn by modern scholars through deep and comprehensive researches. Historical evidence supports this conclusion. Jewish sources report that Moses died at the age of 120, an old but active man.

In ancient Indian medicine there was a treatment system called “Rasayana”. Al-Biruni writes in his book India:

“Thanks to the principles of the race, the hopelessly ill have been restored to health; the dying elders have become young again; people have been restored to puberty; white hair has become black again; senses have become sharper again, youthful mobility has been restored, and potency has been regained; man has returned to life and extended his time on earth”.

The Rasayana is based on methods of mineral extraction of the ancient Indians. This process involved difficult processing techniques known only to Native Americans and lost in later times.

Synthesite – An „ancient“ fountain of youth

But as we know, the old and long forgotten could be recalled to the world as the new. In 2019 in Geneva, under the leadership of Vladislav Karabanov, a bioactive mineral called Synthesit was presented to the public, which was created within the Synthestech project.

In its effect, Synthesite is similar to those ancient Indian and Chinese traditions to prolong life. Synthesit is based on iron, which is obtained through a versatile electrochemical process. Iron is known to be the basis of the human hematopoietic system.

Studies conducted by the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology showed phenomenal results. Mice taking Synthesit for one month had a 2.45-fold increase in stem cells in bone marrow.

The role of stem cells and cell exchange

Stem cells are the basis of youth. It is the cells of the hematopoietic system that replace old cells in the body. A young person has one stem cell for 100.000 normal cells, while an older person for a stem cell 500.000 has.

Accordingly, cell replacement is 5 times slower. This generally represents the way the body ages.

Before the invention of Synthesit, there were no known substances to increase the number of stem cells in the body; today such a product exists.

This means that Synthesite increases the body’s hematopoietic system, increases the number of stem cells, and improves the quality of blood. This is what keeps young.

Synthesite is not yet produced in large quantities. However, the people who had the opportunity to try it, have very good results.

Many interviews, from customers who were willing to talk about their experience, are on the video channel of Synthesit youtube.com/Synthesit to find.

What can be achieved with Synthesit?

  • the skin appearance can improve,
  • the hair growth can be improved, the hair loss can be minimized,
  • the ability to see can improve,
  • Papillomas and other diseases can be fought with it.

Just as Al-Biruni said. There is again more energy, better sleep, no depression and much more good. A well-known doctor from Hungary calls Synthesit the “elixir of youth”.

Synthesit is free of toxins and does not cause any side effects. Iron is the basis of blood. At the same time, synthesite has a high biological effect, which positively influences the body.

By now it is clear that Synthesit is a revolutionary product. It can change the world and strengthen the vitality of a person’s life.

People who have started taking Synthesite feel a positive effect. More and more customers start taking Synthesit regularly to maintain the energy of life. The sooner one begins to take Synthesit, the faster the youth can be maintained.

For more news on application examples and how Synthesit has helped with various diseases, visit the official website.