July 22, 2024

Horse balm for joint care

Horse balm was initially produced for the treatment of horses. So this had developed later to a versatile used remedy also for humans.

The basic formula of horse balm consists only of herbal ingredients. These include rosemary, arnica, menthol and camphor. Usually other ingredients are added as well. Here for example thyme, spruce needles or horse chestnuts are used.

Arnica ensures optimized blood circulation and thus more nutrients and oxygen are transported in the body. How to make bruises fade faster. The contained rosemary is helpful in relaxing tense muscles.

Camphor Menthol are very helpful by the cooling effect above all with joint complaints.

Horse ointment is generally very versatile, but does not help with all complaints. With some however a relief is possible by these. These include gout, rheumatism, sore muscles, colds, sunburn, bruises and strains.

In case of colds, horse balm can be used for inhalation and provide relief in this way.

Horse ointment works in 2 phases. First a cooling effect occurs and then it can warm the body tissues. The horse ointment is available without prescription in the pharmacy or drugstore.

Apart from possible reactions in case of allergies, the horse ointment is free of side effects. Therefore it is very suitable for families and the different areas of application.

What is horse balm?

Horse balm is composed of herbal active ingredients. The basis is camphor, rosemary, menthol and arnica. In addition, the Original PferdeMedicSalbe has been enriched with Gaultheria oil.

The special editions, such as PferdeSalbeExtra, PferdeSalbeSport or WäremSalbe also contain caffeine, tiger grass and horse chestnut and vine leaves. Thus, this unique medical product allows a particularly effective cold-warm treatment.

This is very good to relieve sore muscles and tension. The gentle active ingredients of horse ointment ensure that no skin irritation occurs, while the essential oils make it suitable for sensitive skin.

The basic ingredients, which the doctor Dr. Ulf Jacoby in 1984 selected, were the ingredients rosemary, menthol, arnica and camphor.

Meanwhile, there are horse balm from many different manufacturers. However, the composition changes depending on the manufacturer and application. As a rule, however, the basic active ingredients are always present.

Other plant extracts are added to these to increase the effect. These can be valerian, lemon balm, chamomile, yarrow or horse chestnut.

In addition to the main active ingredients, horse ointment consists of various auxiliary substances. For the medical use however mostly only the main components are of importance.

How to use horse balm?

The horse balm can be used for many injuries. Above all, this has proven very good for the relief of muscle and joint pain, such as sore muscles. Strains, bruises and hematomas can also be treated quickly and easily with this medical product.

The affected places of the body are rubbed in extensively. The ointment is quickly absorbed deep into the skin without sticking. The beneficial effect of the horse balm can be felt after only about 30 minutes.

Fields of application of horse balm

In humans, the therapy with the horse ointment is mostly used for the treatment of sprains, sore muscles, back pain, bruises, tension, muscle pain and after physical and sporting and athletic exertion.

Joint pain, swelling, sprains and bruises can be alleviated by the cooling effect of horse ointment. Camphor and arnica have an analgesic effect.

Sore muscles, tension and discomfort from overwork can also be relieved by the warming effect of the horse ointment.

When using it, however, it should be borne in mind that it can only ever be used as a supplement in cases of severe discomfort. The treatment at the doctor’s cannot be replaced by the balm.

The horse balm is characterized by the well-known cold-warm effect. However, there are ointments resp. Creams, which are called horse ointment and have a cooling or warming effect. In this case, the ointment acts a little more specifically to counteract the individual symptoms.

Horse balm was first created by pharmacist Ulf Jacoby in the early 1980s. The latter created an ointment from plants such as camphor, arnica, menthol and rosemary and other essential oils, which was originally intended to help the joints of horses to regenerate after a horse show.

Hence the name of the horse ointment, as the product was originally intended for use on horses. Shortly after the discovery, the use of the ointment was also discovered for humans.

The cooling effect of horse ointment comes from the menthol. This is the main ingredient in cooling horse balm. Arnica is also usually included here.

A warming horse cream is particularly suitable for sore muscles, tension or if the user wants to prevent any pain that may occur after sporting activities.

After physically strenuous work, the ointment can provide relief. Camphor and rosemary promote the blood circulation of the skin and have a warming effect on the affected areas.