June 17, 2024

American Chiropractic

Chiropractic means „treat with the hand“ („Cheir“ = Greek: the hand). With special chiropractic healing grips malpositions of the vertebrae are corrected, in the Chiropractic it is called adjust. The so freed nerves, are again conductive, let energy flow. Tension is released and the body can regain its natural posture.

Importance of nerves and nerve tracts in chiropractic care

The human body is crisscrossed by nerve cords which, starting from the brain, supply the organs of the body with vital impulses. These nerve tracts run through the internal cavity of the spine and exit in pairs between the vertebrae on both sides. The body’s functions are controlled by this complex system of impulse conduction.

Displacements of the pelvis and vertebrae cause constrictions at the nerve exits of the spine, and thus can constrict the branching nerves (nerve roots). Back pain, headaches, tension, sciatica and limited mobility are often the result.

Chiropractic – vertebral blockage treatment

Chiropractic is the Germanized word for chiropractic. This is what the American David Palmer called his technique of treating vertebral blockages, which he discovered and cultivated. He opened the first College of Chiropractic in 1913 and today American Chiropractic is the most holistic and accurate technique to treat the spine, joints and discs.

With the help of Osteopathic techniques can treat disharmonies of the body that z.B. are caused by shortened muscles and bad posture, are eliminated. The treatment is painless, and often only a small amount of gentle pressure is needed.

Manual techniques are used to stretch muscles, stretch the spine and restore body tissues to their original shape. Improves blood circulation and veno-lymphatic return. The treatment is perceived as pleasantly relaxing.

Nerve point massage Activates the nerve pathways via pressure points on the body („triggers“), especially of the muscles and tendons, but also of the organs. relaxation stimuli, produced with hands and fingers. For those who know beforehand: Similar techniques such as acupressure, shiatsu, etc..