April 17, 2024

If the cell is healthy, the human being is healthy

To this day, medicine is divided into many different disciplines that specialize in individual organs. This specialization is an important part of the medical development of our time. Behind this specialization, however, is the fact that the health and illness of humans and animals is decided at the level of millions of cells.

Chronic deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other important bio-energy factors is the main cause of malfunctioning of cells and consequently of disease. The daily consumption of these necessary bioenergy substances and energy factors is enormous. Without daily replenishment of these bioenergy substances, organ systems do not function properly.

The optimal daily supply of vitamins, minerals and other important cell factors is the prerequisite for optimal organ function and for health.

Since our body cannot produce these energy factors on its own, the ability of the cells to regenerate depends entirely on our daily intake of sufficient quantities of these raw materials and energy factors. When this happens, the cells can transform the raw material into biochemical substances necessary for repair and cell renewal.( METABOLISM)


The scientific principles of cellular medicine are easy to understand for everyone:
– already Rudolf Virchow describes that illnesses arise on the level of cells and this by the absence of bioenergy factors.

This general comprehensibility and the convincing healing results make cellular medicine already today a complimentary medicine for the population and laymen, which is used in many parts of the world. Orthodox medicine has found its way in. Result from the lack of bioenergy factors THE LITTLE AND THE BIG K`s.

What are these little K`s?

We know them almost all. Each of us has to deal with these also sog. to deal with the ailments of civilization. They are simply annoying, everyday symptoms that bother most people.

Do you suffer from allergies?
Is your immune system so weak that you catch every flu virus?
Do you suffer from frequent fatigue, headaches, memory problems??
Do you often get annoyed?
Do you often have a ravenous appetite for certain foods?
Have you ever been annoyed by lack of concentration and memory lapses?
Worried about lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue?

All these and the following symtoms like: Candida, forgetfulness, acidity of the stomach.stiff joints, diarrhea, problems with digestion, absoption of food, frequent and prolonged colds, depression, impatience, menstrual cramps, PMS, chronic indigestion, constant feeling of hunger, dry skin, lack of libido, circulatory problems that you do not pay attention to and many others sog. Symptoms of aging are the small C`s.

In most cases, these symptoms are not considered a cause for concern and it is hoped that they will disappear on their own. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the case. These small K`s are mostly the basis for the big K`s. The big K`s are deadly degenerative diseases such as cancer, all cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and many more. In medical literature they are called chronic, degenerative diseases.

The word chronic tells us that these diseases take many years to develop, and the word degenerative means that many of our body’s natural regulatory and defense mechanisms, such as the immune system, have broken down or are breaking down and eventually failing, which in turn leads to death from the big K diseases.

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Latest research confirms:
It is up to each individual to decide how long he or she can resist the big and the small C’s, how long he or she will remain fit, healthy and attractive.